Schedule of Events


Star Spangled Banner by Mindy Kay Smith of Miss Mindy's Music, Raffle Begins. Welcome to Valley Jam!


This children's music band is the perfect way to get the party started. It's The Trummytones!!!


A special dance recital courtesy of: The Dance Pointe!!!


Playing in Greenwich for the 1st time, hailing from Black Rock, CT, is the Pocket Hotties!!! A high energy mash-up band that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving. You do NOT want to miss them! 


Dignitaries, Sponsors, Giveaways


They made their debut at Pemberwick Day. Now they play the very first Valley Jam! Straight from the "Happy Valley" we're proud to present to you, everyone's favorite, Local Talent!  


Sponsors, Raffle Winners, and a stageside Yoga Session by Breathing Love Center (BRING YOUR MATS!)



They are the legends, the original local band, and the soulful powerhouse we know and love. There was nobody better to headline the 1st Annual Valley Jam than Billy and the Showmen!!!

Make sure to stick around for a very special encore performance.